SDT G2 Series 17-25 kW | Three phase | 2 MPPTs

The 17-25 kW SDT G2 series inverter is especially designed for three-phase residential and small commercial projects. With its compact design, the SDT G2 inverter is 45% smaller than the first generation. The inverter is also light and easy to install. The maximum efficiency of this inverter is as high as 98.4%. With an advanced ventilation system, the inverter is able to dissipate heat efficiently. In addition, it can be customised with an integrated LCD screen.


  • Compatible with bifacial modules
  • Compact and light weight
  • 150% DC input oversizing;110% AC output overloading
  • efficiency 98.4%

Data Security

The inverter has data breakpoint resuming function, which means it can re-upload data to the monitoring system when it reconnects to the server after going off-line. The data is encrypted during the transmission process and data on the server has backup. All these features ensure data security.

Compact Size & High Power Density

For a 17-25 kW inverter, it is relatively small and light, which makes it easily transportable. Its compact design also allows for quick and easy installation.

Data sheet

Max. Input Voltage (V): 1100 1100
Max. Input Current per MPPT (A): 25 25
Number of MPP trackers/ Number of Strings per MPPT 2/2 2/2
Max. Efficiency: 98.4% 98.4%
Nominal Output Voltage (V): 400,3L/N/PE 400,3L/N/PE