Integrated EV Charger

 Category Technical specifications
AC Input Rating 380VAC±20%
AC Input Connection 3P+NPE
AC Input Frequency (Hz) 50Hz±5Hz
Output Voltage Range 150Vdc~750Vdc
Output current Range Single equipment 0A~660 A(Upgradeable)
Output Power Range(kW) 180kW~1200kW
Output Voltage Accuracy ≤±0.5%
Output Current Accuracy ≤±1%
Output Peak Efficiency ≥95.5%
Protection Input undervoltage, input overvoltage, output short circuit, battery reverse connection, output overvoltage, over temperature, output overcurrent, output current reverse, etc
Operating Environment -40℃~+60℃, <95.5% relative humidity
Communication Ethernet, CANbus
Number of Charging modules 9/10/18/20~60
Dimension(W*D*H mm) 900*800*2000
Dielectric Strength 3500Vdc, No breakdown and flashover for one minute