China-SCO Technology Transfer Center
The highest level of national platform to carry out foreign cooperation between countries and regions along "The Belt and Road" under the framework of the China-SCO.
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Qingdao Aston International Trade Co.,Ltd

Qingdao Aston International Trade Co.,Ltd

China-SCO Technology Transfer Center

China-SCO Technology Transfer Center


Your Best commodity Supplier and Solutions Provider

As the national highest official platform and carrier for multinantional cooperation, China-SCO Technology Transfer Center has fully set up its product and industry database to meet all overseas requirements, we don’t just focus on import and export of products, we provide solutions, and we could help you streamline the process of getting any needs from the concept stage and into order reality to the consumers’ hands. 

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Why Choose Us

Offical Channels

Reliable national government-supported platform, established with President Xi Jinping’s approval and supported by the Secretariat of SCO and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Powerful database

Powerful database links 60000+ enterprises of various industries and all kinds of products, which ensures there’s always one for your business and requirement.

Quality & Service

Top rated products quality from medium to larger enterprises with qualified certification, timely delivery and excellent team service builds mutual trust and loyalty.

Our development mode

Headquarters' Professsional Teams

We have 6 department of teams who serve domestic and overseas Governments, Enterprises, University and Institutes in different field like Science&Technology, Education, Economy and Trade divison in our Qingdao headquarter.

One Stop Service

We have realized Headquarters one stop service regarding Technology Transfer, Talent Introduction, Import and Export, Join Project and Investments etcs. To help customers match proper market needs and achieve orders.

Overseas Offices

Oversea branch offices in London, St. Petersburg, Astana, Tashkent have been established and twenty other overseas offices will be soon landed in Saudi Arabia, France, Egypt, and Pakistan etc.

Coordination Centers Localization Services

A new dymanic cooperation mechanism of “headquarters one-stop service + collaboration centers localization services” has been formed and landed, which generates more energy and efficientcy on international cooperation.

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