Single-stage end suction pump

Features and Benefits

・Wide selection available of both 2 pole and 4 pole models.

・Space saving with the small base.

・The plumbing constructions is easier because of the same diameter size of the suction and discharge.

・The belt driven is possible because of the firm bearing structure.

Working conditions and parameters

Liquid Clear water without particles(pH:5.8~8.6)
Liquid temperature -10~140℃(*)
Flow rate 3~1320m3/h
Lift 3~150m
Operating pressure 16bar,25bar
Diameter 50~250mm
Pole Type 2,4


  • Circulation: water circulation in hot water and air conditioning systems.
  • Water supply: water supply in high-rise buildings of water supply system.
  • Industrial use: medium transport, circulation.


Description Standard Optional
Liquid Temperature 0~80℃ -10~140℃
Max. Operating Pressure 1.6MPa 2.5MPa
Flange Standard DIN-PN16 JIS/GB/ANSI/EN
Construction Impeller Closed  
  Shaft seal Mechanical Seal Gland Packing
  Flushing N/A Self/External


Sealed ball bearing(grease lubricated) Dilute oil lubrication
Material(*1) Casing SCS13 SCS13/Stainless steel
  Impeller Bronze 304/316
  Shaft 30Cr13 1Cr17Ni2
  Liner ring Bronze 304/316
  Shaft sleeve N/A 304