Double suction single-stage centrifugal pump

Features and Benefits

  • Highly efficient across a wide range contributes to the energy savings and application of small size motor.
  • Excellent NPSH allows the selection of a small, high-speed pump that leads to cost reduction and smaller installation space.
  • Low-noise, low-vibration design is taken into account.
  • Wide selection range of materials for various application.
  • Casing is divided into upper and lower parts, so internal inspections can be performed by lifting up the upper casing, without removal of the suction or discharge pipes.

Working conditions and parameters:

Liquid Clear water without particles(pH:5.8~8.6)
Liquid temperature 0~120℃ (*1)
Flow rate 18~3000m3/h
Lift 4.5~150m
Operating pressure 16bar,25bar
Diameter 80~500mm
Pole Type 2,4,6


Description Standard Optional
Liquid Temperature 0~80℃ 80~120℃(*2)
Max. Operating Pressure 1.6MPa 2.5MPa(*2)
Flange Standard GB-PN16 JIS/DIN/ANSI/EN
Construction Impeller Closed N/A
Shaft seal Mechanical Seal Gland Packing(*2)
Flushing N/A Self/External


Sealed ball bearing(grease lubricated) N/A
Material(*1) Casing SCS13 SCS13/Stainless steel
Impeller Bronze 304/316
Shaft 30Cr13 Other stainless steel
Liner ring Bronze N/A
Shaft sleeve N/A 304(*2)