LPDC series vertical centrifugal pump (pipeline pump)

Features and Benefits

  • The light and compact in-line pumps can be mounted in the pipeline without requiring a large footprint.
  • Pump disassembly and inspection can be performed without requiring the removal of pipes.
  • A low-noise, TEFC (totally enclosed fan-cooled) motor is used, which allows indoor and outdoor installation. *1
  • The impeller and casing developed by using our proprietary analysis technology have significantly improved the pump efficiency.
  • A pump with a motor output smaller by one size than the relevant existing model can be selected.
  • A protector and other safety measures are provided for the exposed rotating part to ensure safety. *1

*1 : Not applicable to the model which a diameter size of 25mm and single phase model.

Working conditions and parameters:

Liquid Clear water without particles(pH:5.8~8.6)
Liquid temperature 0~80℃
Flow rate 3~1320m3/h
Lift 4.5~150m
Operating pressure 10bar,16bar
Diameter 40~250mm
Pole Type 2,4