LVSMT Series 12-35 kW | Three Phase | Up to 6 MPPTs

LVSMT Series three-phase inverter is designed with low voltage power input, and is an ideal choice for commercial installations. Developed as an efficient response to South American market needs for low-voltage inverters above 10 kW, this series is applicable to special grid voltage ranges within the region. With the LVSMT Series inverter, the system configuration can be simplified by avoiding the installation of an expensive transformer, greatly reducing the initial investment costs of the system.


  • Efficiency up to 98.8%
  • String level monitoring
  • IP65 ingress protection
  • Fuse-free design

Friendly & Thoughtful Design

200V-650V wide input operating voltage range allows the solar system to start at an early stage, fully utilizing the daytime to maximize solar-powered energy generation and gain higher yield. The fuse-free design without consumable parts significantly reduces the operating time and costs.

  • 200V-650V Wide MPPT voltage range
  • Fuse-free design

High Power Generation for High Return

With max. 15A DC input current per string, the LVSMT Series is compatible with different types of high-power modules, which ensures more solar power absorption, making it one of the most productive inverters on the market. With 130% DC oversizing, the system efficiency is enormously enhanced.

Data sheet

Max. Input Voltage (v): 800 800
Max. Input Current per MPPT(A): 30 30
Number of MPP trackers/Number of Strings per MPPT: 6/2 3/2
Max. Efficiency: 98.0% 98.7%
Nominal Output Voltage (v): 220.3L/N/PE OR 3L/PE 220.3L/N/PE OR 3L/PE