Polypropylene Plastic(7905)

  1. Description

A high crystallinity, low impact strength copolymer resin designed for compounding base or injection molding applications requiring very high melt flow rate.

2. Feature

The main commercial use of the impact resistant PP copolymer is used in the injection molding parts of automobiles, household products and appliances.   Its impact resistance, low density, coloring ability and machining properties make it an ideal material.   Intermediate-impact resin grades with higher melt flow rates have higher flow properties, which are particularly useful for injection molding large components such as automotive panels.

High impact resistance Resin with low melt flow velocity (generally less than 2) can be converted into a film with excellent

puncture resistance.   This film has impact resistance and steam sterilization resistance, which is suitable for making disposable medical waste bags.   Extruded sheets can be thermally formed into large, thick components, such as retainers and trunk linings in the automotive industry.