Adhesive Bandage (Waterproof and Elastic)


Hydrocolloid adhesive bandage has significant effect against chronic and refractory wounds, it’s also very suitable for tissue regeneration, which is very complicated and time-consuming. It provides an ideal healing condition for wound healing and is easy to remove without damaging new tissue.

Hydrocolloid adhesive bandage can be mainly used for nursing of wounds without exudate or with slight exudate, for example superficial burn, skin abrasion, etc. Due to good sealing ability it’s sterile and water resistant, even when doing sports or playing, this feature makes this product an ideal option for children.


Larger than 3 times of water absorbency

Sterile, water resistant, transparent, light and comfortable

Excellent pain relief in burn treatment

Accelerates wound healing

No pain while peeling off, perfect for children


Variety Specification Packing
Hydrocolloid adhesive Bandage 72X45mm 12 pcs/box, 300boxes/carton
Hydrocolloid adhesive Bandage 72X19mm 5pcs/box, 300boxes/carton