Nitrogen-oxygen-gas generator

Technical characteristics
1. Unique molecular sieve protective measures so as to lengthen the service life of carbon molecular sieve.
2. Self-reliance type cylinder pressure device can avoid high-speed airflow rushed out, it cannot cause of molecular sieve pulverization phenomenon, equipped with the limit settlement alarm system, when it reaches the floor level of journey, the equipment will sound and light alarm by itself.
3. Configured DCS remote control system interface, it can monitor the system operate condition through the computer.
4. Intelligent interlocking nitrogen vent device can guarantee the quality of nitrogen.
5. Perfect process design and excellent energy conservation characteristics reduce the cost of gas.
6. Reasonable structure design makes the transportation, sling and installation very convenient.
7. Selecting the safe and reliable control components, so the equipment can run stable and reliable,it also has various fault alarm.
8. It operates easily, runs stably, and has a high degree of automation, can realize no one operates.