Laser cutting machine

Medium – Power Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medical Equipment


Features of metal laser cutting machines:

* The medium-power laser cutting machine with the highest precision in China, it can cut small metal bike design with size of half a coin and good cut 6mm mild steel,120 holes can be cut within one minute.

* 600℃ heat treatment, 24 hours cooling in the oven, 8 meters gantry milling, accurate CO2 protection welding, to make sure 20 years usage without deformation.

* Using laser electrical cabinet integration design, cover small area , save space, minimalist design.

* Scrap car symmetrical design, both sides can clean up the waste; Put machine to the romm has no left and right requirements; Pneumatic lifter device to prevent the material from scratching.

* Specially used for cutting 0.5-6mm carbon steel, 0.5-5mm stainless steel, galvanized steel, electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet, silicon steel and other kinds of thin metal sheets.1000W can cut 3mm aluminum and 2mm copper.


Machine characters :

* Using gantry type mechanic structure , performance is stable .

* Aheadcut USA fiber laser control system, with laser power adjusting function ,

* This model adopts servo motor driving system.machine bed movement structure using high accuracy gear to transit , so to ensure the high speed , high precision and high reliability.

* Using Raytools Switzerland fiber laser cutting head,safe and stable.

* Adopts Maxphotonics fiber laser source ,which is with imported modular high performance, low processing cost ,Eco-friendly .