Multi-functional power meter

Product Types Description Features
Multi-functional power meter Ac multifunctional power meter:Sfere720
Sfere720 multifunctional power meter can measure the full power parameters of the power load, and its perfect power measurement and power quality analysis functions can be applied to all kinds of power monitoring systems. The product provides a multi-language display, using a large color screen, touch keys and modular design, functional configuration and operation is easier.It is used in disk meters, power systems, public facilities, intelligent buildings, industrial and mining enterprises.
Comprehensive monitoring of power grid quality
High level of protection
Modular design
Ac multifunctional power meter:PD 19 Series PD19 series AC multifunctional power meter is designed for power system, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, smart buildings and other power monitoring, intelligent control, measurement and assessment applications of high-precision, high-reliability intelligent distribution instrument products. This series of meters has full power parameter measurement, power metering and power quality monitoring and other functions, with RS485 communication interface, support Modbus-RTU and DL/T645 communication protocols, can be connected to various power monitoring systems and energy management systems. It is used in disk meters, power systems, public facilities, intelligent buildings, industrial and mining enterprises. Total energy measurement
3.5-inch LCD screen
0.2S active energy metering
The voltage surges and plummets
2~63 harmonic content monitoring
Fault recording
Ac multi-loop electric instrument:PD194Z-E14 series The PD194Z-E14 series multi-loop power meter is mounted on a rail and can measure 4 three-phase or 12 channels Circuit single-phase power parameters, optional switch module to achieve switch status detection, off-limit alarm and other functions. Easy installation, multi-loop measurement, modular design
Dc multi-loop electric instrument A DC multiloop power meter measures voltage, current, power and bidirectional electrical energy in a DC system.And equipped with RS485 communication interface, can easily communicate with a variety of intelligent power distribution systems and energy management systems
Integrate and share rich monitoring data; Expandable switching input/output modules for field devices Condition monitoring and control.
Easy installation, multi-loop measurement, historical data recording
Intelligent energy efficiency monitoring terminal is installed on rail type:
PD194E-E20 series
PD194E-E20 series intelligent energy efficiency monitoring terminal can be selected with different functional modules. Be equipped with
Common power parameter measurement, perfect power measurement, power quality analysis and other functions; Abundant configuration
Rich I/O modules are used for condition monitoring and control of field equipment. Suitable for energy saving renovation projects
Electricity quantity parameter monitoring.
Easy to install, modular design
BCM series precision distribution monitoring unit The BCM series precision distribution monitoring unit is used to monitor the power operation parameters of the AC-DC head cabinet in the data center
To measure the voltage, current, electric energy, harmonics and other electrical parameters of the incoming line and feeder branch, and all breaks Router switch status, with tripping alarm function. Each output loop has two user-configurable switches Stream alarm to prevent potential power failure. Product configuration 7 inch color LCD touch screen, and provide Ethernet communication interface, easy access to other systems.
7 inch color LCD touch screen, easy interactive operation. The incoming cable monitoring module provides an RS485/ Ethernet port for connecting to the upper-layer monitoring system. Modular design, plug-in CT, flexible and convenient installation. Two-stage threshold alarm function provides effective risk warning. The enable switch can be set at all alarm points to facilitate on-site debugging and use. Relay output is provided to realize hierarchical alarm function for important parameters. The voltage and current measured by each feeder branch correspond to each other and are not affected by the single-three-phase load configuration of the system. Use 0.1 current transformer and special energy metering chip to ensure measurement accuracy (BCM100 series)