Electrical measuring transmitter

Product Types Description Features
Electrical measuring transmitter Single phase voltage and current transmitter Single-phase current, single-phase voltage transmitter is mainly to measure the current, voltage signal, isolated output 1 or 2 analog signals or output digital signals. Measure single-phase voltage and current signals
Three-phase voltage and current transmitter Measurement of three-phase current or voltage signals, isolated converter output three analog signals, with RS-485 communication output. Measure three-phase voltage and current signals
Power transmitter Measure active power, reactive power, and isolate analog signals. Measurement of active power, reactive power, isolated transmission output analog signals
Integrated power transmitter Integrated power transmitter is designed for the power system, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, intelligent buildings, such as power intelligent monitoring and energy measurement needs, can measure the common power parameters in the three-phase power grid with high precision, and with communication interface, analog output and other extended functions. High precision measurement of common power parameters in three-phase power grid, with communication interface, analog output and other extended functions