1. Description

Foot-and-mouth disease is an acute, systemic disease of domestic and wild cloven-hooved animal species and is caused by Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV), the prototype member of the genus Aphthovirus of the family Picornaviridae. FMDV occurs as seven distinct serotypes (Euroasiatic serotypes A, O, C, and Asia1 and South African Territories (SAT) serotypes SAT1, SAT2, and SAT3) and multiple subtypes reflecting significant genetic variability. The disease is characterized by fever and vesicles in the mouth and on the muzzle, teats, and feet and is spread through direct contact or aerosolized virus via respiratory secretions, milk, semen, and ingestion of feed from infected animals. In a susceptible population, morbidities reach 100% and mortalities are rare except in young animals

  1. Feature

1 This product uses the principle of colloidal gold immunochromatography to quickly detect O-FMDV antigens.

2 This product does not require special instruments, and can be quickly and easily implemented on-site inspection.

3 Using high-purity raw materials and high-quality materials, it shows extremely high sensitivity and specificity.