Canine Heartworm Virus Antigen (CHW Ag) Test

  1. Description

FeLV, or Feline leukemia virus, is a contagious, viral disease of cats. In addition to causing leukemia, it has been associated with various other types of cancer, anemia, and immune suppression leading to increased susceptibility to various infectious diseases.Although cats may clear initial infection,there is no cure for persistent infection and it is ultimately fatal.The virus is spread through direct contact with an FeLV positive cat’s body fluids or saliva.It is disputed if the virus can live long enough outside of its host to spread itself from food or water bowls, or from a litter box. In any event, all cats owners should take precautions to protect their cats from the virus.They may live for as little as a few weeks, but probably not any longer than 3 years after their infection.But, even though they do not exhibit any signs, they will still transmit the disease to other cats – therefore the importance of a periodic test(or, even better, vaccination).Kittens of infected cats will most likely test positive for the virus, but signs of disease may not appear until later in their life.

  1. Feature

1 This product uses the principle of colloidal gold immunochromatography to quickly detect FeLV antigen.

2 This product does not require special instruments, and can be quickly and easily implemented on-site inspection.

3 Using high-purity raw materials and high-quality materials, it shows extremely high sensitivity and specificity.