Walking boot orthoses

  1. Description

A Walking Boot Orthosis, commonly known as a CAM walker or moon boot, is a protective and stabilizing brace designed to immobilize and support the ankle and foot following injuries or post-surgical recovery. Constructed with a rigid outer shell, soft inner lining, and adjustable closures, it facilitates ambulation while managing pain, reducing swelling, and aiding in the healing process of conditions like sprains, fractures, or ligament tears. Its adjustable design ensures a secure, personalized fit that accommodates various shoe sizes, promoting mobility without compromising the necessary immobilization for rehabilitation.

  1. Feature
  2. Adjustable Fit and Compression: Equipped with multiple straps or dials, allowing users to customize the fit around the ankle and lower leg, ensuring comfort and compression where needed, which can be modified as swelling reduces during recovery.
  3. Rockered Sole: The specially designed sole promotes natural gait patterns by facilitating a smoother roll-off during walking, reducing strain on the affected limb and encouraging a more energy-efficient stride, even with limited mobility.
  4. Breathable and Removable Liner: The interior lining is made from breathable materials to reduce heat buildup and moisture accumulation, promoting skin health and user comfort. It is often removable and washable, ensuring hygiene and minimizing the risk of skin irritation or infection.