Robot gloves

  1. Description

A Rehabilitation Robot Glove is an innovative wearable device designed to assist in hand and finger rehabilitation. Integrated with advanced robotics and sensor technology, it provides personalized therapy to patients recovering from hand injuries, stroke, or neurological disorders. The glove offers customized resistance and assistance to finger, enhancing motor function, improving range of motion, and accelerating the rehabilitation. Its interactive features track progress and adjust training intensity, making rehabilitation engaging, efficient, and adaptable to each user’s recovery journey.

  1. Feature
  2. Interactive & Adaptive Therapy: Utilizes AI-driven algorithms to personalize therapy sessions based on real-time user performance, adjusting resistance and assistance levels to optimize each exercise for the user’s current capability and recovery pace.
  3. Fine Motor Skill Restoration: Targets specific hand and finger muscles with precise, controlled movements, stimulating neural pathways and promoting the regain of fine motor skills essential for activities like grasping, pinching, and writing.
  4. Data Analytics & Progress Tracking: Captures detailed data on the user’s hand function, such as range of motion, strength, and dexterity improvements, presenting progress reports and visual feedback via companion software or mobile apps, empowering both patients and therapists to assess recovery progress and adjust rehabilitation strategies.
  5. Comfort & Convenience: Designed with lightweight materials and adjustable fit, ensuring user comfort during prolonged wear. Easy to don and doff, it allows for rehabilitation to take place in clinical settings, at home, or on-the-go, integrating seamlessly into daily routines and enhancing compliance with therapy programs.