PC (Prefabricated Concrete)

PC (Prefabricated Concrete)

PC (Prefabricated Concrete)—PC is short for Precast Concrete, it is mainly consisted of Prefabricated Components, through assembly, connection, partial cast-in-situ concrete structure, is the strong engine of the industrialized building development.

The implement of PC technology is the core content of housing industrialization, also is an important feature in housing modernization. Adopting modern industrial production method, the PC technology systematically integrates different stages and production factors together, by doing so, we can manage to standardize the construction designs, industrialize the components production, better housing elements designs. This also makes automatic assembling, integrated arrangement and decoration possible, moreover, to socialize production and operation so as to form a complete industrial production line. As a result, we would be able to improve housing quality, efficiency, resistance and reduce cost as well as energy consumption.

Introduction to PC Construction Technology
PC technology is our familiar prefabricated assembly technology, that is, in the factory prefabricated production, assembled in the field into a whole building. The PC implements the building from the factory-site-assembled industrial model.

The assembling of PC wall panels means connecting them together to form a structure with cast-in–situ-concrete; the structure is usually cast–situ-concrete or precast and cast-situ hybrid concrete structure. Commonly used PC products includes shear wall (exterior wall panel and interior wall panel), laminated floor slab, partition wall, stairs, balcony and so on.

Combining decoration, insulation, waterproof, pipeline system and door & windows system together, our products obtains extra added value while the quality is greatly improved as well