HPV rapid test

  1. Description

The test kit is used to detect qualitatively HPV B19 IgG antibody in human serum in vitro. According to the principle of indirect immunoassay, the test utilizes colloidal gold as a mark tracer and is based on Gold Immunofiltration Assay (GIFA) principle to detect HPV B19 IgG in human serum.

  1. Feature
  2. Genotyping Capability: Many tests can identify specific high-risk HPV types, such as 16 and 18, which are most strongly linked to cervical cancer.
  3. Sensitivity & Specificity: Offer high accuracy in detecting HPV DNA or RNA in samples, reducing false positives and negatives.
  4. Sample Types: Utilize different biological samples, primarily cervical cells collected via Pap smear, but also self-collected vaginal swabs or urine in some cases.
  5. Prevention & Early Detection: Aid in early detection of HPV infections, enabling preventive interventions and closer monitoring or treatment before potential cancer development.