Fixed Type Grapple

Fixed type grapple is a kind of grabbing equipment. Its main function is to carry out the grabbing and loading operations of various materials such as scrap metal, scrap steel, finished steel, industrial


  • Low input cost.
  • The operating radius can be customized according to the site requirements to meet the needs of different venues.
  • Power system provides power, energy saving and environmental protection, low cost.
  • The boom and grab are complete in specifications, meeting the requirements of various operations of the steel grabber.
  • Hydraulic system for increased product performance and operational reliability.
  • Compact internal hydraulics with imported fittings for high safety, stable operation and long service life.
  • Save labor and increase productivity.
  • Equipped with a high-speed rotating tower, which can directly feed the crushing line, eliminating the conveyor belt.

Product parameters

Model Boom length Effective operation radius Grab height Grab weight Power Cab height
(mm) (mm) (mm) (ton)
ZGJ-8500 8500 8500 0.5-2.8 30KW+3KW Optional
ZGJ-9800 6500 9800 10200 1-2.8 22KW*2
ZGJ-11800 7600 11800 12500 1-2.8 22KW*2
ZGJ-13800 9600 13800 14500 1-2.8 60KW
ZGJ-15800 9600 15800 18500 1-2.8 75KW

The workflow