Container Shear

CS series container shear is used for a variety of scrap cutting.
PLC automatic control is safe, high efficiency and easy operation.
Mobile, flexible, and convenient.


  • The forces working on the blade carriage always tend towards the center, avoiding twisting forces.
  • All inner surfaces have a Hardox-wear plate cover or imported wear-resistant plate and therefore undergo less wear.
  • The scrap is introduced from above, due to the movement of the pre-compressor the scrap automatically slips down and the cut scrap is pushed out of the front.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Low specific investment and running costs.
  • Efficient one-man loading, cutting, and removal from one or several Container Shears using an excavator.
  • Little space is required.

Product Parameters

Model Press box width Shearing length (customize) Capacity Cutting force Power
  (mm) (mm) t/h    
CS-3150 1000 300 3-6 315 T 22kw*2
CS-4000 1400 400 5-8 400 T 37kw*2
CS-5000 1400 400 7-10 500 T 45kw*2
CS-6300 1400/1600 400 or 500 8-15 630 T 55kw*2
CS-8000 1600 400 or 500 12-20/25(If cutting bales) 800 T 55kw*3

Advantages of the high-end container shear

  • Independent research and development, independent brand, national patent, mature technology
  • Imported parts, lower operating costs, higher quality, energy efficient
  • Fully enclosed structure, high safety performance, and low probability of work injury
  • There is vehicle-mounted mobile customization to meet the needs of the replacement site
  • Integrated installation free, ready to use
  • PLC control, automatic operation, automatic labor free
  • The power system and diesel system are two-pronged, for one choice
  • Cycle design, long working hours, and low human capital requirements
  • Wide application range, less material delivery restrictions, high safety performance
  • Independent design, long service life, and large shearing force

Our Application Scenarios