CMC Oil Drilling Grade

Application in fresh water,sea water and saturated water
*small usage,high yield.
*Good anti-salt and anti-bacteria property,convenient to use.
*Reduce the fluid loss and improve the viscosity significantly.
Applications in drilling fluid
*Protect the wall of oil well,prevent mud flowing away and carry crumbs.
*Protect drilling bit and increase drilling speed.
*In low solid or none solid drilling fluid,it can reduce the fluid loss and thickness of the mud cake obviously.
*Strong inhibition effect to shale hydration.
Applications in fixing fluid
*Protect the wall of the oil well,stop the fluid entering into the pores or cracks.
*Control the fluid viscosity,heavy object suspension,and prevent fluid loss.
Instant products,used in severe environment,it will be more convenient and simpler,and it will be more effective in mud allocating.
PAC&CMC can be used in drilling fluid,fixing fluid and fracturing fluid.In drilling fluid,it works as viscosifier,filtration reducer,and rheology controller;in fixingfluid,it is used to control fluid viscosity,suspend heavy objects,andavoid fluid loss;in fracturing fluid,it is uesd to carry stuffing and avoid fluid loss.

Dial reading at 600rpm, Fann 35 viscometer API-13A
Filtrate Loss ml
Distilled water 4% Salt water Saturated water
CMC-LV Max. 90 / / Max. 10
CMC-HV Min. 30 Min. 30 Min. 30 Max. 10


Test procedure Apparent Viscosity Filtrate volume, in seawater/KCL Moisture D.S.
PAC-HV API-13A Min. 50 Max. 23 ml Max. 10 Min. 0.9
PAC-LV API-13A Max. 40 Max. 16 ml Max. 10 Min. 0.9