1. Description

Moxibustion, an ancient Chinese healing practice, involves the application of heated mugwort herb (moxa) to specific acupoints, penetrating deep into the tissues to stimulate blood flow, harmonize Yin and Yang, and bolster the body’s natural healing capabilities, weaving traditional wisdom into modern healthcare.

  1. Feature

1.Fire:the firepower is soft,hot but not dry, and the penetration is strong.The inferior wormwood has dry and hot firepower,poor
permeability and weak moxibustion effect.
2.Moxa Ash: It is easy to be flammable, the combustion is balanced and does not extinguish.After combustion, it is still a whole
without scattering and falling ash.The color is gray white.
3.Paper: High purity moxa roll are made of moxa wool which are rolled by white cotton paper/Moxa leaf paper/Grey cotton paper. The
paper is light and thin,and the smell is elegant when buring.